Social Media Guidelines

BCA’s Vision:
In accordance with our mission of carrying the voices of those affected by breast cancer, we view online forums as a place where people can share stories, have conversations, and exchange varying view points.

BCA Social Media Guidelines:

1. We will establish a BCA presence wherever our current membership and/or target audiences congregate online. We will actively invite and/or engage our members on these platforms.

2. We will ensure that once we establish our presence in a social media site, it will be updated regularly according to the conventions of that site.

3. We will ensure consistency of BCA-generated messages and actions across all media platforms. We will ensure that the essence of BCA’s messages remains true to our current advocacy priorities and mission, no matter which media platforms are employed.

4. We will identify ourselves clearly in what we write and what we post as a BCA staff members. When responding as a BCA staff member, we will always identify ourselves as such. We will not engage in “flame wars.”

5. We will moderate all comments and responses to BCA posts. BCA reserves the right to remove content, including but not limited to, spam, profanity, defamatory, inappropriate, libelous, or patently false language, repetitive postings, promotions or sponsorships not related to BCA and promotions or sponsorships inconsistent with BCA’s policies and positions.

6. Whenever possible, we will solicit ideas and stories from our members to help enhance our messages.

7. Whenever possible, we will answer questions and provide information to members. However, we will not be compelled to respond to every post.  We will try our best to engage and educate even if we disagree with what is said or it is inconsistent with BCA’s message. We will encourage dialogue even if some of the dialogue makes us uncomfortable.

8. We will embrace user-generated content and encourage membership participation in BCA social media platforms.

9. We will use these platforms to promote BCA donations, partnerships, promotions, and campaigns. We will also use these platforms to proactively share information from ally organizations whenever possible.

10. We will not reprint information posted to a social media site in any other venue unless we have the author/commenter’s permission. However, because of the public nature of social media sites, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of content posted.

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