Reach Out, Speak Out

Help build BCA from the ground up by educating others about breast cancer issues and BCA.

  • Turn a friend on to BCA. Forward the e-alert and ask them to sign up.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper. Here are some tips for writing letters to the editor.
  • Wear a BCA "Cancer Sucks" button. It's a great way to spark questions and conversations.
  • Turn in your doctor. If you think your health care providers should be reading the BCA newsletter, let us know. Just send their names and addresses (including email, if possible) to or call 415.243.9301 or 877.2STOPBC (toll free)
  • Take BCA and our messages to your community. Ask if you can display BCA materials at your local health food store, medical center, or breast cancer/community event. You don't have to be an expert on breast cancer or BCA to share information with others. Download materials or call 415.243.9301 or 877.2STOPBC (toll free) to request a packet.
  • Host a BCA house party and invite your friends and family to learn about BCA.