Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

Breast Cancer Action carries the voices of people affected by breast cancer to inspire and compel the changes necessary to end the breast cancer epidemic.

Core Principles and Values 

The beliefs and standards under which everyone in the organization operates to carry out the mission.

  1. We are a membership organization.
  2. We honor each person's commitment and energy to our mission.
  3. We are not afraid to examine all sides of all issues.
  4. We cannot be bought.
  5. We tell the truth about what we discover.
  6. We serve individuals while reaching the broader population.
  7. We value the involvement of grassroots activists throughout the country and around the world to further our mission.
  8. We encourage people to participate fully in decisions relating to breast cancer.
  9. We believe access to information is vital.
  10. We recognize that structural changes in society are needed to accomplish our mission.

What Does BCA Do?

  • Provides information to anyone who needs it via newsletters, web sites, and a toll-free number.
  • Organizes people to do something besides worry.
  • Advocates for policy changes directed at achieving true prevention through understanding and eliminating the causes of breast cancer; working toward a true cure with treatments that don’t nearly kill people or cause other diseases; and assuring universal access to quality health care.

BCA is committed to the precautionary principle of public health: First, do no harm. We work with other organizations to encourage the use of environmentally safe alternatives to ways of doing business that we know—or have reason to believe—are harmful. BCA also sifts through the stacks of misinformation that now circulate about breast cancer. What you won’t learn in the newspaper or on television—or sometimes even from your doctor—is right here on our web site or in our highly acclaimed publication, the BCA Source.