Inequities in Breast Cancer

Priority: Create awareness that it is not just genes, but social injustices-political, economic, and racial inequities-that lead to disparities in breast cancer outcomes. Discussions of the social determinants of health are beginning to emerge in a number of health fields, but the cancer world still focuses on genes and differences in screening patterns. So, while many people in public health understand that we can reduce the burden of asthma by focusing on the physical environments in which people live, the conversation in cancer focuses on the biological differences between people, or differences in access to breast cancer screening. We know there is more to it than this. BCA has changed many conversations in breast cancer, and we will work to change this one as well, so that people understand the social justice lens in which breast cancer needs to be seen and studied if we are ever to be able to change the differences in breast cancer outcomes that affect different groups of people.

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