15th Anniversary Photos

Four of BCA's Spirit of Activism awardees. Clockwise from bottom left: Dolores Moorehead, Carmen Ortiz, Genevieve Howe, Barbara Cicerelli

  Linda Morse, Phillip Gardener, Nancy Nadel, Patty Quinlan at the event reception
BCA Board President Jo Ann Madigan and Board Member JoAnn Loulan

  BCA Board Member Jane Zones (right) talks with an activist
Dance Brigade enters through the crowd

  Dance Brigade
Author Anne Lamott

  Emcee: Comedian René Hicks
Spirit of Activism awards: Belle Shayer (the sole surviving BCA founder), Marian Gibbons (accepting the award for her granddaughter, Marcy Newman), Dolores Moorehead, Genevieve Howe, Barbara Cicerelli, Carmen Ortiz

  Spirit of Activism awardees
Linda Tillery (far right) and the Cultural Heritage Choir

  Tanya Neiman, Mary Twomey
BCA Program Manager Brenda Salgado and Office Coordinator Angela Carrier

  Karen Jacobs, Irma Herrera
Silent Auction

  Reception Hall
Beverly Burns   Young Activists

Carol Rockett

  Mike Tekulsky, Alex Momtchiloff, David Carroll and Stan Yogi

Carmen Lu (right) and Michele Gee

  Spoken word poet Alix Olson

  BCA Board President Jo Ann Madigan presents Executive Director Barbara Brenner (left) with an award to recognize her 10 years of service to the organization

Barbara Brenner speaks to the crowd

  In memory of Bay Area TV reporter Faith Fancher, who died of breast cancer in 2003, activists wave white handkerchiefs in a moment of shouting rather than a moment of silence

Pianist Adrienne Torf and Singer Holly Near

  Singer Holly Near
Members of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence read out raffle winners


Photos by Ellen Seidler